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The Team

Who We Are


Helen Goldsby-West

Founder & CEO

I had my first child in 2016 and second in 2021 (my little Covid baby) so there are five years between my babies.

The second time around, in the aftermath of Covid and with statutory services massively stretched, I experienced a huge difference in the support available for me as a second time mum. Yet I feel like there is still so much to learn and re-learn as a mum, especially as my two babies were, and are still, so very different. 

For the first year of being a second time mum, their dad was working away (a lot!) , and I was juggling the two of them whilst 'flying solo'.

Sleep deprived and overwhelmed, I found it hard to unpick and take in the information I felt needed on sleep, feeding, play, and other parenting topics across the vast amount out there. I also didn’t know how to tell which were reliable sources of support and information. I felt like I just wanted someone to put the key bits of information on a plate for me.  For me and other parents to have a platform to share experiences with each other, to be able to ask those pressing questions to skilled experts  I could trust, and to be connected with professionals for further support if needed.

This is where Parents Wise was born.


Working initially to establish the business with my sister Elizabeth, a single mum of twin boys, who brought her own invaluable angle and experiences. Elizabeth helped me to work with parents, learn what they need, and set up the technical side (not my strength!). She's now taken a step away to concentrate on her boys, but I will always be grateful for her key contribution in making Parents Wise happen. 

Having worked for over 20 years in charities, and more than 10 of those for a leading national health charity, the genuine desire to help people is in my make up.


I am safeguarding trained, and in November 2022 I completed The Lullaby Trust SIDS and Safer Sleep Training for Babies.

I am keen to use the skills I learned from my role , and undertake further training, to help other parents ‘like me’ and witness the benefits of helping others on their personal journey.

I'm so excited to see the positive differences that come from parents coming together in this way. 

Together we can

Collaborating with.....

Liz Fisher

Early in 2023 we joined forces with Liz Fisher of Liz Fisher Infant feeding and are working together on a number of projects.


Liz is a qualified Breast Feeding Peer Support Worker and since 2020 has worked in the NHS offering parental support across all areas of infant feeding.   Prior to this she supported voluntarily in her local community as well as in local hospitals. 


Liz established Liz Fisher Infant Feeding in late 2022, and continues this alongside her NHS provision.  She is a strong advocate of feeding choices and works to support parents in meeting their feeding needs – whether this be breast, bottle or a combination of both; also providing a wealth of information on weaning options.


Liz is a mum of two young boys so also brings her own vast experience as a mum.


"I am delighted to be working with Parents Wise, we share the same passion for supporting families and I believe together we can offer something very special. The future is really exciting!"

We’re very excited to have Liz on the Parents Wise team. 

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